Gnás Meánach
A Frequentation of The Middle

Gnás Meánach

Welcome to Gnás Meánach! This is an attempt at fleshing out a new flavor of Celtic Polytheism, specifically a style local to the Mayenne region in France, where I live.

I will also be taking inspiration from Gaelic mythology and cosmology, local folklore, Roman, Frankish, and Catholic practices throughout the ages in order to develop a truly local form of Celtic Polytheism.
This is also a fairly personal project and will often take inspiration from my own direct needs and experiences.

It should be noted that this is a fluid documentation of my work; I am not trying to establish a “new tradition” of Celtic Polytheism. I will contradict myself and I will take back things I have posted. However, I view this project as a road-map of sorts: showing where I’ve gone so that people can figure out what they want to do.

The Aims

  • To mythologise the local landscape and aid others in their attempts to do the same.
  • To develop a broader sense of what Modern Polytheism can be, beyond the discrete boxes of each individual culture from antiquity.
  • To provide knowledge and a cohesive theological structure to interested parties, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality etc.
  • To promote and inspire polytheistic approaches to engaging with the world.